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All developer’s units are now 100% sold. For brand new launches and other condominiums in the first hand market, simply visit our main directory at This is not the management office, if you happen to know the management office number and website, do let us know so we can put necessary info here for your convenience.

The Aristo Project Details

Living The Legacy
Where the present exudes a seamless flow of indomitable class, its sense of legend to its past is a continuum of prestige. While the transformation breathes new life and style, the Butterfly House still retains its most endearing expressions. This unique historical and architectural interest, designed by Regent Alfred Jogn Bidwell with a “butterfly” style was an artistic innovation. Like his other masterworks in Singapore, the Buetterfly House’s heritage still continues to enchant everyone. This Victorian-style bungalow with a double frontage facing the sea as well as Amber Road was subsequently given the conservation status on 3 September 2007, and its most visible features are retained to keep the identity of the street. With exceptional touches of architectural brilliance, its prominent features are evidently revived, while maintaining its traditional class and elegance.

A Star Reborn
A juxtaposition of classic charm and modern luxury, the essence of this exclusive 18-storey prestige living is experienced right at the world-class entrance foyer. Just glancing at the refined entrance lobby, you get to experience both the unique glamour of the old and the lavish modernity of the present at the same time. To make the reception even more outstanding, a grand waiting lounge of world-class echelon is created to greet you every time you come home. There is nothing more welcoming than a touch of luxurious warmth and spectacle. Integrating the architecture marvels of two generations, the lush interactions of eye-catching landscape and elegant features are the distinct elements to make you desire for it. Nowhere else can a clever hybrid of such cultural development be achieved. And to live in one of its 56 lavishly designed units, it’s simply dazzling.

It’s In Your Stars To Live A Life of Luxury
A true escape that brings you a lifetime of contentment, this is a home with the perennial ambience of warmth. The modern living that dreams are made, it is an abode of many imaginations composed into a work of genius. Catching the musical breeze of the sea, your life opens up to a breathtaking sights that capture the horizon in many ways to mesmerise you for a lifetime.

A Destiny Celebrated with Luminaries
Where every turn fills your senses with exceptional pleasure beyond the mundane, the sensation of residing here is just sublime. Here, you get to realise a lifestyle of fulfillments and aspirations like no other. Lavished with nature’s riches and modern indulgences, you are in a lap of luxury that charges your life with a myriad of excitements within reach. From well-known institutions, popular recreational and retail avenues to famous eateries, everything in the vicinity makes life completely fulfilling.

An array of indulgences right at your doorstep
It’s a diverse spectrum of contemporary enjoyment living in the most prestigious legacy. With leisurely pursuits right at your doorway, you can take delights in the sun, or immerse in timeless recreations to put your mind off earthly distractions. For those more adventurous, reaching places to partake in activities with people who share your ideals is just as convenient. By the nearest MRT at Tanjong Katong station or East Coast Parkway Expressway, travelling to the City, Integrated Resorts, Changi Airport and anywhere in Singapore takes only a few minutes.

Created with a luxurious facilities and impeccable amenities to accomplish your needs, you no longer have to look far. Rising high, you can feast your eyes in the most beautiful skyline while relaxing by the pool with your loved ones, or enjoying a wonderful day at ease in the comfort of home. Here, every time is quality time. If you feel like working up a sweat, there’s also a well-equipped gymnasium to let you achieve your goals. There’s simply more reasons to stay at home.

True Lifestyle Shines For Eternity
Step into a dimension where luxury is measured only in out-of-this-world comfort and unparalleled quality. Living above all truly has its privileges. In a realm of your own, you have the exclusive rights to create your own ambience, one that lets you enjoy the open sky and vast sea at your personal pleasure or entertain friends in the embrace of mesmerising and chic surroundings. Nothing’s like spending reflective moments to yourself or engaging in a meaningful gathering with your loved ones.

The apartments and penthouses are an artistic marriage of uncompromised quality and elegance. Seductive at every glance, every unit comes with the finest fittings and lavished with luxurious finishes. From the living room to the bedroom or kitchen, no matter it’s the functional design or sensuous ensemble, living in a home with such modish distinctions definitely surpasses anything of the past, present and future.

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All developer’s units are 100% sold. For resale or rental enquiries, fill in the form below and we will get back to you shortly